Another intersection in Toronto, mostly known for being the destination you may mention to a friend or cab driver if you wanted to go to Toronto's largest and most sensory overload inducing movie theatre, Famous Players Paramount.

In a cruel twist of irony (some might say poetic justice), The National Film Board of Canada has its main offices directly located across the street at John & Richmond from the over-the-top commercialized glitz of the Paramount (which comes complete with muli-sided big honking LED sign and gratuitous misue of space by giant props inside).

John & Richmond is also somewhat central to a number of clubs in the area, such as Whiskey Saigon, Money, Fez Batik, Tonic, and Gspot. If you were to go south on John from Richmond, you would walk past a number of restaurants on your way to Smokeless Joe, a great beer-lover's bar and restaurant in its own right.