Today has been positively awful.

What else did I expect? It's hell day. Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays. I skipped the same two classes ( Language Acquisition and Cognition) that I skipped on Monday, meaning I'm now a week behind. I went to Syntax, and on the way there developed a pounding headache. Having stuggled through class, I went to the library to take a nap -- two hours later, here I am, with a pounding headache and messy hair.

The day did have two good points. First, my syntax professor baited the Annoying Old Man Who Asks Stupid Irrelevant Questions That Show He Has No Understanding Of What's Being Discussed (I'll do a writeup about him someday soon). The annoying old man, in the middle of a quite interesting discussion of Case and the use of PRO with infinitives, raises his hand and asks if it's "appropriate" to use the word "kill" in a scholastic environment. The sentence the professor was using was "It would be unfortunate to kill Mary."

So the professor thinks for a moment, and says "yeah, you know, you're right."

And changes it to It would be unfortunate to rape Mary.

The class cheers.

Second, I've been made an editor, which makes me happy. I hope to do good, and well.