I had a long, involved dream last night wherein, among other things, kanon42 was exceedingly angry at me. I'd been out in a theme park all day, leaving her alone at home to fend for herself.

Now, kanon has this cute habit of standing endearingly pathetically in the pantry, pointing at (say) a box of spaghetti, muttering

"food. be food. why aren't you food? food food food. you should be food. be FOOD."

If she does this for long enough, I come along and boil water and set other appropriate actions in motion to, indeed, turn the box into food. In my dream, however, I didn't do this, as I was absent, and when I returned, she was quite mad.

When I woke up, she was gazing at me lovingly, yet all I could think of was how angry she'd been just seconds before, within the dream. I realized how silly this was -- but nonetheless, I was overcome with shame and guilt. She reassured me that all was well, to no avail... the feeling subsided, after a time, leaving me simply curious, wondering how a dream could have such a profound and lasting emotional effect.