I have decided not to be ashamed when I buy something.

Too many times I have been told that I am contributing to global warming, pollution and genocide by purchasing a piece of clothing.

Well, excuse me for living in the western world and having money. I'm not rich, but I have an inordinate amount of money compared to maybe 90% of the worlds population. Compared to the person who made the khakis I am wearing, I am Bill Gates. Should this make me ashamed? No. Western Society works in a certain way - resources flow mostly because of monetary exchange. My khakis have contributed to many different people's income. If the money I paid hasn't gone entirely to the third world citizen, then some of that blame lies with me for not buying ethically, but some blame also lies with the countries that manufacture the products I buy.

If a Chinese company set up shop here in the UK, offering Next or River Island quality/style clothing for the same price, I would buy from them. I would feel somewhat better than I do now for buying a little more ethically, but only a little bit. I am not ashamed to be a consumer.