I'm told that most people enter REM sleep three or four times a night, and that a select few (dear jessie, f'r instance) can remember the majority of them. Me, I remember very few, maybe one every fortnight or so. But I always seem to remember the ones that feature people I know and associate with.

Lately, that means that everyone in my dreams of late have been Everythingians. Or at least Everythingians play a part of the dream.

I'm working on something - it has to do with mail systems, with some *nix variant, which I know little about (in dream life and in real). I'm in some small grey-sided cube, on masukomi's work system. I never see her; in fact, I'm more than a bit on edge, because I don't think she'd like it if she walked in and discovered me there. I navigate through various interfaces of brightly-colored windows and dull command prompts (upon waking, I realize that the computer I used resembled some Hollywood movie's overgraphical simulation of high-tech, not anything real) and run back and forth between masukomi's and someone else's system. Some guy bumps into me. I don't recognize him, and I don't want him to recognize me. Suddenly I'm home, everything is pastel, and I sit on the futon and listen to a chorus of jackhammers going off outside.

I wake up and realize that the apartment I was in was a twisted amalgam of my brother's old place and Templeton's apartment.