The following is a list of common Australian expressions that are not common in the U.S., including words that have different meanings in Australia and the U.S.: apples: all right
arvo: afternoon
barbie: barbecue
beltman: lifeguard
bingle: auto accident
bingy: stomach
bitser: mongrel dog
bonzer: excellent
bosker: excellent
bowser: gas pump
brumby: wild horse
Buckley's Chance: slim hope
bundy: time clock
chook: hen
choom: Englishman
cobber: friend
cossie: bathing suit
crust: livelihood
demon: police detective
dinkum: genuine
doer: eccentric person
drongo: simpleton
drum: accurate information
euchred: exhausted
fizgig: police informer
furphy: rumor
goog: egg
grouse: excellent
jumbuck: sheep
king-hit: knockout punch
lair: showoff
larrikin: hooligan
mong: mongrel dog
neddy: horse
Oz: Australia
ropable: angry
rort, rhort: rowdy party
sheila: young woman
shicer: swindler
shivoo:rowdy party
sherrick: small quantity
skite: brag
snack: easy task
snaky: irritable
spinebash: loaf (do nothing)
squib: coward
squiz: quick look
stickybeak: busybody
strides: trousers
strine: Austalian English
swagman: hobo
tucker: food
willy-willy: small inland dust storm, (dust devil)
wipe: reject
yakka: hard work

Please feel free to add to this node any Australian vernacular I failed to include.