Track number 6 on Lateralus, by TOOL.

What is noteworthy about this song is the fact that it is part of a duo with the next track Parabola. It would appear as if the band intended the two tracks to simply be one song, and split it to emphasize the theme. The latter half of Parabol/Parabola is simply put to different tempo and proportions. I challenge anyone distinguish between Parabol and Parabola on their first time hearing the songs. The difference is that Parabol is more gentle and reflective than Parabola. I see this song as a reflection on Third Eye, from ÆNIMA. Especially when Maynard sings Wide-eyed and hopeful, then Wide-eyed and hopefully wild.

Like the title suggests, the song seems to arc in a similar fashion to a parabola. What starts off as a slow cognitive piece soon turns to pure excitement and urgency as the track changes over to Parabola, then slowing down to the original pace again, with a more rooted, powerful and mature theme. What's great about TOOL is that it is completely interpretational. What I gain from this song may be completely different from what another person may gain from it. It seems to me that the title, Parabol, may have been a pun on the word Parable for obvious (or perhaps not so obvious) reasons.