Exploring New Heights in Boredom!

What a day. It began almost like any other day, with one exception. Instead of my normal process of waking up for school at 7, falling asleep again till 7:15, waking up AGAIN, and finally leaving for school, I followed a different pattern:

Finally fall asleep.
(attmept to)Wake up for school!
No dice.
My sister comes into my room, wakes me up, and tells me that I have some major chores to do since I missed school.
Curse my bad luck and irresponsible habits.

I have got to get better at this sleeping schedule thing.

Having accomplished aforementioned chores, I set about quickly wasting my day on the computer, reading e2, and getting better aquinted with my old friend, vodka. You may get the impression that I've got problems with alcohol; I really don't. I never drink a lot, if at all. When you're in the house on your own all day, things can get incredibly boring and lonely. Getting drunk, assimilating e2 into my brain and playing computer games is a bit of relief from the terrifying monotony. For what its worth though, it beats the hell out of dealing with my family all the time.

I saw Attack of motherfucking Clones last night, and Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, it was incredible. While I've always been easily recognized as a geek, and I have a very obvious passion for all things Star Wars (excluding any Christmas specials), I was really blown away. Even during the slow parts the movie oozed more visual splendour than ep1's best scenes. As for Janga Fett, Mace Windu and Yoda, well, they made any amount of cornball love scenes bearable, just knowing action like that lurks around the corner. The battle scenes were absolutely fantastic, top notch. You got a real feeling of the bedlam and chaos of the war that was going on. I feel like a lot of the loose ends that were left floating around by that cosmic garbage ball known as episode 1 were tied up really nicely. The threads that weren't tied up leave premonitions of more juicy things to come on the horizon. And the fight with Yoda just made the entire movie. Before, in Empire Strikes back we had to assume that Yoda was cool because of everyone's reverence for him. In Episode 1 we see him on the Jedi Council, and when he speaks, everyone listens. In Episode 2, you find out why. In a word, Yoda owns.

Now the day is done, and it's I've raced one day closer to my grave.