This node is a meta node, so don't get too excited about its content. If you're looking for the already made and index crypto nodes, a good place to start is Xamot's Cryptology Meta-node.

It's intended to be a overview of people requests for nodes explaining anything to do with crypto. Including (but not limited to) cryptographic primitives, algorithms and protocols. It's also intended to be a overview of pages people have promised to write.
There are many motivations behind this meta node. The most important are avoiding reinventing the wheel every few hours, but also having a overview of what people want, so that those of us who care enough to make the nodes will know what people want.

If you want a node written, want to tell someone you intend to write a node (good thing to do, so you'll avoid the wheel issue) feel free to /msg delta in the chatterbox, and tell me what you wish to write/get written, and if you'd like your name attached to it or not. I can also be contacted by email at

Currently there are plans for the following nodes:



Unassigned requests:

If you want to write a crypto node, those might be good places to start. Please consider /msg'ing delta and letting us know you intent to write the node.

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