Alice's brother built it. It was kinda like a treehouse, but since it was only about 10 feet off the ground it was kinda lame to call it that. Anyhow, since he got sent off to a military school after that thing with Mrs.Johnson's cat it was ours now. We filled it full of posters (NYSC!!!) and stickers and stuff. We snuck food in for awhile, until we found mice, which was YUK and then we started bringing stuff with us in bags and that pretty much took care of that. You would have thought all the squirrels would have kept away the mice, but whatever.

We would see in there until it got dark or supper, or whatever and we begged her mom, Mrs.Hamilton , to let us sleep up there but she said NO in this kinda snotty voice, so that was that. It's not like we were gonna fall out and break our necks or something, but anyway, whatever with that.

So, like I was saying, it was our place, and we would write notes to people and write pretend notes to other people and then tear them up and stuff, 'cause we really didn't want people to read them, and all that. So, anyway, we were in the Fort one day when Alice told this really scary story about this guy who used to spend all day sitting on this bench by the bus stop and how all the kids would wait on the other side of the street when he was there and how one day, after school, they found out he was, like dead, and had been there all day , which is like, so gross. Alice used to do this to me all the time. Tell me gross stories 'cause she knew I would have nightmares and stuff, which I used to do, which I don't anymore, hardly.

So, like I was saying, we were in the Fort and she starts talking to me about tatoos and do I want one, and how she's gonna get one and all this. And I am like NO . And she is like- "scared!" and I am like NOT . So she says she is going to get this leopard tatoo (She loves leopard and has this stuffed snow leopard in her room she got at Toys 'R Us, which is, like, huge). So I tell her, how gross, and how everyone would see it and everything and she says "No", how it's going to be on her bottom and how just her husband will see it, when she gets married and I start laughing and stuff, and she is, like, "What??" and I am like what about when you go see the doctor or whatever, and she blushes and punches me, and then we roll around and she says "Well, it will be when I am grown up and I don't need to see the doctor then." So, I said, wait until the summer, I will pull your shorts down in front of everybody so they can see!
and she says- "You would!" Which is true. 'cause I would- I mean, gross, I'm kinda hoping if I say stuff to her she wont do it. Hope so.