At the library today i noticed that "audioboooks" are on tape and "Audio Fiction" are on CDs. Did not see any "Audio Non-Fiction" but then again, didn't look very hard.

Picked up Douglas Coupland's new novel and a short one by Chabon about a Jewish detective, a mute boy and a parrot along with Dunces.

Before going there, wrote a check for zero dollars and brought it to the library to cover the fines i had accrued, as per the notice they sent. Was told to keep it as i had already paid the fines.

Finished reading my first foray into the world of Terry Brooks last night—so good but so bad: who the fuck would ever publish a Tolkeinesque fantasy novel describing a catatonic state as being "robotic"? But that's a quibble. Could not manage to keep track of all of the cliffhangers, deus ex machinations and other such trappings of the genre. Still, it was fun. 

Speaking of derivatives: on Saturday I watched Hot Mikado and learned that the term "musical derivative" is not pejorative—the term refers to an adaptation of a non-musical work into a musical. In this case, it was a musical which became a novel which became a musical.

but i prefer integrations: like so.


On my way home tonight there was a rainbow over the suspension bridge around the bend of the river beyond where i live. 'twas prtty.