John Kendrick bangs dead people. Not just any dead people, oh no—only those who happened to share his name. And so John Kendrick trolls the public records and obits and gravesites, shovel and crowbar and lube and propylactics in tow. So far he has excavated and inseminated corpses of: a seaman, an economist, a railway executive, a senator from Wyoming, a bank robber and a plumber. There's an English cloth merchant he's had his eye on for years now. Except John Kendrick cannot apply for a passport on account of a misunderstanding with a graveyard or three.

Once John Kendrick followed John Kendrick, tech blogger from MD, into a secret time machine, hoping to make it to England somehow. Instead they ended up at an arts festival in Badenheim where the tech blogger had the gall not to die and nearly eluded John Kendrick upon traveling back to the future. John Kendrick clung to the outside of the time machine, hoping to go somewhere more likely to have dead John Kendrick for him to stick his dick in. Through a trick in the mechanics of time, he awakens in a blank space. John Kendrick had just enough time to look around and begin to panic when he awoke in the afterlife.

Upon seeing the river styx and Charon in his houseboat a smile began to slide across his face. And then all of a sudden, a pantsless John Kendrick Bangs emerges with a crowbar and procedes to give John Kendrick a great big bang.