Dungeon is an incredibly popular power metal band originating from Broken Hill in Australia. Formed in 1989, they play technical metal akin to Helloween, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray. The line-up has varied over the years and at time of writing is:

  • Lord Tim (Tim Grose) - Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
  • Stevo (Steve Moore) - Drums & Backing Vocals
  • Dakk (Brendon McDonald) - Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Stu (Stuart Marshall) - Guitars & Backing Vocals

Dungeon have toured Japan and Australia extensively and have additionally released their albums in Europe and the US. Their album releases to date are:

  • Changing Moods (1995)
  • Demolition (1996)
  • Resurrection (1999)
  • A Rise to Power (2002)
"A Rise to Power" is one of the best selling Australian metal albums of all time.