The only psychology of the SUV I have seen is this:

SUV driver: "Wow! My 6000 pounds of sexy machinery with its 280hp engine can accelerate just as fast as that Honda Civic Sport! I bet I can stop just as quickly too. So, I'm gunna tailgate him to show him that I'm just as fast!

This seems to be a very common ideology amoung SUV owners as I have, personally, seen 3 (separate) accidents where a Ford Explorer, a Chevy Suburban, and a Dodge Durango were sitting in the back seat of a Honda Civic, or Civic like car (the one involving the Suburban, I was unable to tell what the "little" car was).

Yes, California highways are crowded and things like that happen often, but it just seems that every SUV driver thinks that their vehicle is going to stop in 180 feet when traveling at 60mph. Sorry guys, it ain't going to happen. Give us "little" guys some room, ok?