Aka The Year Washington Burned

It is quite common knowledge that the American Capital has only been invaded once in its short life but yet very few actually know the story behind it:

The event occurred towards the end of the War of 1812, Many claim that the Canadians were the ones with the honour of being the only country to successfully raze Washington to the ground. This is not exactly the truth because in 1814 Canada was part of the British Empire and it was British troops marching from Canada who flamed the city.

On August 18 the British landed 3500 troops in Maryland and these units marched towards Washington, D.C. The British forces encountered little resistance and the only losses were due to a force of 600 sailors and Marines. The British marched on to Washington and burned locations such as the White House and the navy yard (including all the ships anchored there).

That's about all the information that I could find... could it be that the American system is trying to cover things up in the same way as Roswell and Area 51?

The truth is out there....