Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
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Book: Psalms
Chapter: 48

The glories of the Church of Christ.

1-7 Jerusalem is the City of our God: none On Earth render him
due honour except the citizens of the spiritual Jerusalem. Happy
the kingdom, the City, the family, the Heart, in which God is
great, in which he is all. There God is known. The clearer
discoveries are made to us of the Lord and his greatness, the
more it is expected that we should abound in his praises. The
Earth is, By Sin, covered with deformity, therefore justly might
that spot of ground, which was beautified with Holiness, be
called the joy of the whole Earth; that which the whole Earth
has reason to rejoice in, that God would thus in very deed Dwell
with Man upon the Earth. The Kings of the Earth were afraid of
it. Nothing in nature can more fitly represent the overthrow of
heathenism By the Spirit of the Gospel, than the wreck of a
fleet in a storm. Both are By the mighty power of the Lord.

8-14 We have here the improvement which the people of God are
to make of his glorious and gracious appearances for them. Let
our Faith in the Word of God be hereby confirmed. Let our Hope
of the stability of the Church be encouraged. Let our minds be
filled with good thoughts of God. All the streams of Mercy that
flow down to us, must be traced to the Fountain of His
loving-kindness. Let us give to God the Glory of the great
things he has done for us. Let all the members of the Church
take comfort from what the Lord does for his Church. Let us
observe the beauty, strength, and safety of the Church. Consider
its strength; see it founded On Christ the Rock, fortified By
the Divine power, guarded By Him who neither slumbers nor
sleeps. See what precious ordinances are its palaces, what
precious promises are its Bulwarks, that you may be encouraged
to join yourselves to it: and tell this to others. This God, who
has now done such great things for us, is unchangeable in his
Love to us, and his care for us. If he is our God, he will lead
and keep us even to the last. He will So guide us, as to set us
above the reach of Death, So that it shall not do us any real
hurt. He will lead us to a Life in which there shall be No more