Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
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Book: Psalms
Chapter: 127

The blessings of those who fear God.
- Only those who are truly holy, are truly happy. In vain do we
pretend to be of those that fear God, if we do not make
Conscience of keeping stedfastly to his ways. Blessed is every
one that fears the Lord; whether he be high or low, rich or Poor
in the world. If thou fear him and walk in his ways, all shall
be Well with thee while thou livest, better when thou diest,
best of all in eternity. By the blessing of God, the godly shall
get an honest livelihood. Here is a double promise; they shall
have something to do, for an idle Life is a miserable,
uncomfortable Life, and shall have health and strength, and
power of mind to do it. They shall not be forced to live upon
the labours of other people. It is as much a Mercy as a duty,
with quietness to work and eat our own Bread. They and theirs
shall enjoy what they get. Such as fear the Lord and walk in his
ways, are the only happy persons, whatever their station in Life
may be. They shall have abundant comfort in their family
relations. And they shall have all the good things God has
promised, and which they pray for. A good Man can have little
comfort in seeing his children's children, unless he sees peace
upon Israel. Every true believer rejoices in the prosperity of
the Church. Hereafter we shall see greater things, with the
Everlasting peace and Rest that remain for the Israel of God.