Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Jeremiah
Book: Jeremiah
Chapter: 42

Johanan desires Jeremiah to ask counsel of God. (1-6) They are
assured of safety in Judea, but of Destruction in Egypt. (7-22)

1-6 To serve a turn, Jeremiah is sought out, and the captains
ask for his assistance. In every difficult, doubtful case, we
must look to God for direction; and we may still, in Faith, pray
to be guided By a Spirit of Wisdom in our hearts, and the
leadings of Providence. We do not truly desire to know the mind
of God, if we do not fully resolve to comply with it when we
know it. Many promise to do what the Lord requires, while they
Hope to have their pride flattered, and their favourite lusts
spared. Yet something betrays the state of their hearts.

7-22 If we would know the mind of the Lord in doubtful cases,
we must wait as Well as pray. God is ever ready to return in
Mercy to those he has afflicted; and he never rejects any who
rely On his promises. He has declared enough to silence even the
causeless fears of his people, which discourage them in the way
of duty. Whatever loss or suffering we may fear from obedience,
is provided against in God's Word; and he will protect and
deliver all who trust in him and serve him. It is folly to quit
our place, especially to quit a holy land, because we meet with
trouble in it. And the evils we think to escape By Sin, we
certainly bring upon ourselves. We may apply this to the common
troubles of Life; and those who think to avoid them By changing
their place, will find that the grievances common to men will
meet them wherever they go. Sinners who dissemble with God in
solemn professions especially should be rebuked with sharpness;
for their actions speak more plainly than words. We know not
what is good for ourselves; and what we are most fond of, and
have our hearts most set upon, often proves hurtful, and
sometimes fatal.