Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Jeremiah
Book: Jeremiah
Chapter: 41

Ishmael murders Gedaliah. (1-10) Johanan recovers the
captives, and purposes to retire to Egypt. (11-18)

1-10 Those who hate the worshippers of God, often Put On the
appearance of Piety, that they may the easier hurt them. As
Death often meets men where they least expect it, we should
continually search whether we are in such a state and frame of
mind, as we would wish to be found in when called to appear
before our Judge. Sometimes the Ransom of a Man's Life is his
riches. But those who think to Bribe Death, saying, Slay us not,
for we have treasures in the Field, will find themselves
wretchedly deceived. This melancholy history warns us, never to
be secure in this world. We never can be sure of peace On this
side Heaven.

11-18 The success of villany must be short, and none can
prosper who harden their hearts against God. And those justly
lose comfort in real fears, who excuse themselves in Sin By
pretended fears. The removal of a prudent and peaceable ruler,
and the succession of another who is rash and ambitious, affects
the welfare of many. Only those are happy and steady who fear
the Lord and walk in his ways.