Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Isaiah
Book: Isaiah
Chapter: 18

God's care for his people; and the increase of the Church.
- This Chapter is one of the most obscure in Scripture, though
more of it probably was understood By those for whose use it was
first intended, than By us now. Swift messengers are sent By
water to a nation marked By Providence, and measured out,
trodden under foot. God's people are trampled On; but whoever
thinks to Swallow them up, finds they are cast down, yet not
deserted, not destroyed. All the dwellers On Earth must watch
the motions of the Divine Providence, and wait upon the
directions of the Divine will. God gives Assurance to his
Prophet, and By him to be given to his people. Zion is his Rest
for ever, and he will look after it. He will suit to their case
the comforts and refreshments he provides for them; they will be
acceptable, because seasonable. He will reckon with his and
their enemies; and as God's people are protected at all Seasons
of the Year, So their enemies are exposed at all Seasons. A
Tribute of praise should be brought to God from all this. What
is offered to God, must be offered in the way he has appointed;
and we may expect him to meet us where he records his name. Thus
shall the nations of the Earth be convinced that Jehovah is the
God, and Israel is his people, and shall unite in presenting
spiritual sacrifices to his Glory. Happy are those who take
warning By his Judgment On others, and hasten to join him and
his people. Whatever land or people may be intended, we are here
taught not to think that God takes No care of his Church, and
has No respect to the affairs of men, because he permits the
wicked to triumph for a season. He has Wise reasons for So
doing, which we cannot now understand, but which will appear at
the great Day of his coming, when he will bring every work into
Judgment, and reward every Man according to his Works.