Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 2 Chronicles
Book: 2 Chronicles
Chapter: 18

Jehoshaphat's Alliance with Ahab.
- This history we read in 1Ki 22. Abundant riches and honour
give large opportunities of doing good, but they are attended
with many snares and temptations. Men do not know much of the
artifices of Satan and the deceitfulness of their own hearts,
when they covet riches with the idea of being able to do good
with them. What can hurt those whom God will protect? What can
shelter those whom God will destroy? Jehoshaphat is safe in his
robes, Ahab killed in his Armour; for the race is not to the
swift, nor the battle to the strong. We should be cautious of
entangling ourselves in the worldly undertakings of evil men;
and still more we should avoid engaging in their sinful
projects. But, when they Call upon him, God can and will bring
his Faithful people out of the difficulties and dangers into
which they have sinfully run themselves. He has all hearts in
his Hand, So that he easily rescues them. Blessed is the Man
that putteth his trust in the Lord.