Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: 2 Chronicles
Book: 2 Chronicles
Chapter: 14

Asa's Piety, He strengthens his kingdom.
- Asa aimed at pleasing God, and studied to approve himself to
him. Happy those that walk By this rule, not to do that which is
right in their own eyes, or in the Eye of the world, but which
is So in God's sight. We find By experience that it is good to
seek the Lord; it gives us Rest; while we pursue the world, we
meet with nothing but vexation. Asa consulted with his people
how to make a good use of the peace they enjoyed; and concluded
with them that they must not be idle, nor secure. A formidable
Army of Ethiopians invaded Asa's kingdom. This evil came upon
them, that their Faith in God might be tried. Asa's Prayer is
short, but it is the real language of Faith and expectation from
God. When we go forth in God's name, we cannot but prosper, and
all things work together for the good of those whom he favours.