Musical group based out of Washington D.C. area that is comprised of:

Ian Svenonius
James Canty
Steve Gamboa
Michelle Mae

Ian, James and Steve all came from Nation of Ulysses and Cupid Car Club, while Michelle came from a band called the Frumpies.

Like the Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up had a "purpose" behind their music. Instead of the espionage / radical political subversiveness of N.O.U., the Make-Up opts for power in the communal energy of the "Gospel Yeh-Yeh" which is fed by their "Liberation Theology".

Most of their recordings are of live performances, allowing the listener to experience the manic energy of the band. Aside from their punk, pop and gospel influences, the band has been influenced in part by Arthur Lee and his band Love; in fact the Make-Up's "Sound Verite" recording cover art echoes Love's cover for "Forever Changes". Additionally, of course, is the track "Free Arthur Lee" by the Make-Up, in regard to Mr. Lee's jailing.

Most recently (2001-2002) the Make-Up has "gone underground", Ian has been involved in a side project and persona, David Candy. Always entertaining on disc and live, I look forward to their return.