Unearthed is an initiative of the Australian radio station Triple J, dedicated to 'unearthing' or exposing Australian musicians and giving them a chance to recieve airplay and recording opportunities.

The Unearthed crew target an area of Australia and accept demo recordings from artists in the area, which are then compared to others from the same area. The only prerequisites for being unearthed is that you are not a signed act and you have one original track that you can enter on CD format. Regional winners are chosen and unearthed - eventually one band/musician will be chosen from these artists and given extensive support.

Since 1995 Unearthed has discovered more than 80 artists, some of which are Killing Heidi, Endorphin, Andalusion and Grinspoon. By the end of 2003 every area of Australia will have had the chance to be unearthed.