Almost 3 years ago, the world suffered a terrible loss. A great man died around Christmastime.

What made him great? Not what you might think. He wasn't famous, he didn't play sports, or have a hit record (although that may have been a dream of his). He never appeared on television, or had his name in the paper.

He wasn't rich, not in the usual sense. But I think that if you asked him, he'd probably tell you he was rich in the things that mattered - friends and family.

He had a love of music that was almost frightening. His knowledge of antique fountain pens and old watches was practically encyclopedic. He loved what he did, and did what he loved.

So why was he great? Why is the world less complete without him? What did he do that makes him worth remembering? He was a father, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle. He was a physician, and helped many people. He loved his family, and he knew what was really important in life. He was great in a small, quiet way.

Who was this great man? This man was Dr. Jeffrey Ash - my Dad. And while the things that I have said may be an exaggeration, the loss I feel is not.

I love you Daddy. And I miss you very much.