What is washers?
It's a game typically played in front yards of people having barbecues or other summer parties or gatherings.

Well, how is it played?
To tell you how the game is played, first, I'd have to introduce what is needed to play.

What IS needed to play?

  • 4 players
  • 6 , two-inch washers
  • 2 washers boxes
  • A flat, open playing area

What is a 'washers box'?
Well, washers is played kind of like horseshoes, but instead of a stake, scoring is based on a box. The box is made of wood, 4 inch diameter pvc piping, and carpet, and a screw. They look like this:

|           |
|     _     |
|    <_>    |
|           |

The box is 2 feet wide, 2 feet long, and 3 inches tall. The bottom of the box is covered with a 2 square foot patch of carpet. In the center, a screw is placed sticking up 2 inches. Around this screw is the pvc pipe at a 2 inch radius from the screw. The top is left open.
If you still don't get what it looks like, /msg me, I mean I know my ascii art sucks.

So, how do I play?
Place the washers boxes 10 paces apart with their 2 square foot sides down so that the pipe, screw, and walls are facing upward. Your team will have 3 washers of the same color. The opposing team will have 3 washers of another color. One partner from each team stands behind each washers box with an opposing team's partner. Make sure that the players holding the washers are on the same side.

Each player tosses their 3 washers to the other box. After, both players throw their washers, the players on the other side tally points and then return fire by tossing the washers back trying to get them into the other boxes. The closer to the senter the wash falls, the more points it is worth. First team to 21 wins.

The scoring is quite simple (unless you mean me scoring with the ladies, but that is another story for another time); the close to the center of the box, the more points the toss is worth. If the washer lands within a washer's distance of the box, it is worth 1 point. If it lands indside the box (not in the pipe) it is worth 2 points. If it lands in the pipe it is worth 3 points. If it lands around the screw, you are very lucky and are awarded 5 points. Points are given after both players at one end have thrown. If a washer gets knocked away (or toward) another point area, the points change to where they are when both players are done throwing.

If each player has a point of the type (as in both have washers in the box, but not in the pipe) they negate each other. So, if you land 2 washers in the box and 1 in the pipe, and the other player lands 1 in the box and 2 in the pipe: then you score 2 points and he would score 3.
Don't understand scoring? /msg me

So that's it? Damn you mid-westerners suck!
Hey! It's a fun game for family reunions, Fourth of July celebrations, and other gatherings you are obligated to do. It isn't like I play it everyday, but it's a good game. Kind of like shuffle board or darts. It's 1 of those games that you play with a beer in your hand and a friend at your side. It's half luck and half being sober enough (but not too sober). That, and I'm sure it's played somewhere besides the mid-west.

/msg me if you don't understand anything or have any comments. If you don't, /msg me with something still.