also (dry-hop). A term from brewing referring to placing hops into the cooled, pre-fermented beer (aka wort) as it goes into the fermentation vessel. It can produce an amazingly strong hop aroma, but contributes little to the hoppiness of the beer. Dryhopping is commonly used for a style of beer known as American Pale Ale. Homebrewers do this all the time when they attempt to replicate the style of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or other quality American Pale brews. The next time you pour a glass of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and smell grapefruit, its the Cascade hops used as aroma hops.

Professional brewers, and ultra-techie homebrewers achieve the effect by using a device called a hop-back. They run the cooled wort through a filter-like apparatus into which they've put their hops.