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Valparaiso University
The question is not what you can do for your college, but who you can do at your college...
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Some info about my write-ups:

  • I like pipe links. A lot. Most of my nodes contain a considerable amount of pipe links. Just so you know.
  • I no longer give a shit about reputation, XP, Levels, or any other type of scale system used. I will write what i wish, and if it gets killed, well... damn. hopefully my next one won't share the same fate. Although i wish i could vote and cool stuff. ah well.
  • I check my links. I don't link to something that doesn't exist.

  • Here's some cool things I've found while surfing the world...

    Books that were good:
    Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
    Beowulf by an unknown poet (Seamus translation)
    Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
    Across Realtime by Vernor Vinge
    Bloom by Wil McCarthy
    Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein
    Orion Among the Stars by Ben Bova
    Ringworld by Larry Niven
    Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven
    The Mote In God's Eye by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
    Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick (aka Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)
    Mining the Sky by John S. Lewis

    Games that I enjoyed:
    Serious Sam: The Second Encounter (PC) - the first was awesome, i asked for more, and they delivered like you wouldn't believe! sooo much fun
    Dynasty Warriors 3 (PS2) - awesome melee game set in ancient , with cool moves, plenty of characters and maps to defeat your enemies (or your friends--yes, now there's splitscreen!) on... and now we got elephants!
    Final Fantasy X (PS2) - unbelievably sw33t. i hate RPGs, but this game had a slick interface that was easy to use, so i actually knew what i was doing. awesome CGI, voice acting could've been better, awesome graphics... overall, very cool.
    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2) - awesome gameplay, incredible graphics, compelling storyline, interesting characters... this game has it all!!!
    Ico (PS2) - very weird, very cool. i don't really dig puzzle games, but this one is the only exception. graphics are phenomenal... i love that castle...
    Devil May Cry (PS2) - two words: fucking sw33t!!!! this is Onimusha to the 100th power. it's fast and furious and you never get bored. awesome sword and gunplay (yes! guns! 1337 guns!) plus sw33t demonic powers, and as you proceed through the game, more skills, powerups, and weapons become available. i love this game
    Onimusha: Warlords (PS2) - badass medieval Japanese game where you play as... um, Samonoske (?) and you weild three sw33t swords, each one with an elemental power--you'll need these (plus a Matchlock gun and arrows) in order to kick those demon's/undead's ass.
    Zone of the Enders (PS2) - anime-style mecha combat at its best! badass battles and controls, really quick action.
    FreeSpace 2 (PC) - the best space sim out there
    SSX (PS2) - this is one wicked snowboarding game (and the only sports game i like!)
    Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore (PS2) - one of the greatest fighting games available
    Quake III Arena (PC) - so its not the best game out-of-the-box, but after you get some maps, models and mods off the net... totally worth checking out!
    Half-Life (PC) - what would a Recomendations List be without Half-Life? Most certainly the coolest story-driven SP shooter of all time
    MDK 2 (PC) - this is a very fun game to play. it offers quite a bit of variety in gameplay, as well as plenty of humor
    Heavy Metal: FAKK2 (PC) - very fun game based on Quake III engine technology... weird but cool story
    Unreal Tournament (PC) - Cool game with a neat selection of modes of gameplay (such as Assault and Domination, among others)
    Total Annihilation (PC) - An oldie but a goldie. this game ROCKS and i have never been hooked on a game for as long i was on this one
    Serious Sam (PC) - going back to FPS roots, this game is a blast (literally)
    StarCraft (PC) - like TA--an oldie but a goldie. even though it was released in 1997, it's still hot. pretty addictive (in a good way) the expansion pack BroodWar was sexelent as well.

    Anime that spanked my monkey:
    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade - Best. Anime. Ever. i'll be watching this one more than once (and get more out of it each time). deep, involved plot; very interesting characters; superb animation; the best dub in existence; heavenly audio (both english and japanese Dolby Digital 5.1); did i mention the incredible plot?
    Akira - so i finally got around to checking this one out. wasn't as good as i expected, but still very interesting and it is indeed a top-notch anime. merely "above average".
    Ghost in the Shell - hell yes! i love this kinda anime, you know, with the cool weapons with awesome tech and insanely creative story and stuff... a must-see for anyone who likes anime (even if you dont, check it out)
    Appleseed - badass mecha design with babes and explosions and... yeah, makes for one sw33t flick
    Gall Force - pretty tight anime... you got some renegade machines we made ourselves, some babes, big battles, cool plot or whatever... you get the point. go watch it.
    Plastic Little - i really don't know what was happening, i mean, what universe it was in (some crap about gravity belts and clouds... i dont know), but we got some fan service here, explosions, cool tech, cool ideas and concepts and... babes... hell yes
    Voltage Fighters! - this one was just great! i'm not sure if they were serious about this thing or it was just a flick for the fans as one big fan service thing... but it was cool. plenty babes, cool fight scenes ('course i had my eyes on other things during the battles, but hey...) and a cool story to go with it ... i think. funny too
    Ninja Scroll - you got some demons, some ninjas, a babe, some kickass fight scenes, some ugly-ass muthafuckas but is still pretty cool... a nice high-quality anime
    Gundam Wing - just awesome! cool mecha, a few babes, tons of cool battle scenes, and a very cool story with a complicated plot (never enter the series in the middle of it)... best series i've seen so far.
    Princess Mononoke - a very top-notch anime with a cool ancient japanese setting with demons and stuff... i dont like the demon horror thing much, but some anime (like this one) i'm cool with.

    You can find all those recommendations above and more at my website, I'll add stuff as I continue my quest.

    Below is what i first put here. i think it helped save my ass from being nuked.

    I might just put something here. Some day.

    And that day is today. As shitty as I feel, and as tired as I am, I can't resist this urge to poor forth the truth of my ignorance.

    I had been surfing E2 for some time before I even thought about joining. Well, I'm glad I did join, because now I'm a part of a greater whole whose purpose has filled a hole in my goddamn brain. I want to go to one place, and learn everything. I imagine this is the closest I'll ever get. A nice bonus is that I can even give back to the community.

    So I finally found a few gaps in Everything that I could fill. One has already been filled. Another came about as I was noding along, and it turned out to be good enough. So I got a little pride built up, something like, "well, shit, my first two nodes stayed and I even received a compliment for one! Since I know how to do this already, let's try another area..."


    I guess I really didn't know how this clock ticked. Third time isn't always a charm. Most likely the opposite. It wasn't sexellent at all, and while I thought it was kind of funny, they didn't find it so. Thankfully they killed it before it cost me even more XP. I'm still in the positive, thanks to the other two, but I still have to come out on top to gain back a lost reputation. Sigh. I hope they let me stay long enough to pick up the pieces.

    And they did! I was a little bummed by the deletion, but I was told not to get discouraged about it... it's weird how just one sentence can make or break you. I'm feeling better, and just submitted another write up. It got cooled! w00t! first cool! Third w/u, fourth try. Not bad? Well, I still have a few more nodes I'd like to add, so when I get the time I'll write them up. Hrm. Work, sleep, work, sleep... the things I'd do for college...