U-571, condensed version:

germans: arrrrr!  we're evil!

matthew mcconaughey:  i'm southern

bill paxton: they're not paying me enough to act in this movie

germans:  arrrrr!  we be evil pirates o' the sea!

harvey keitel:  i'm grizzled

jack noseworthy:  it's been 7 years since 'dead at 21' but i somehow manage to look even younger than i did then.

germans:  by the way, we're EVIL!

token black actor:  shiiiiit brutha', that's jive

movie:  if you haven't seen das boot you're probably thinking that i'm a tense riviting action thriller!  if you have seen das boot:  i'm sorry for being such a derivative peice of crap.

germans:  we're still EVIL!!!!

torpedo:  i am the most powerful torpedo in the world, this entire german destroyer is going to blow up and sink ALL AT ONCE within FIVE SECONDS when i hit it.

director:  germans are evil.