Cody makes his homework fun!

cool night air, it was raining earlier, but not now. now there's just that smell in the air. wet, damp, earthy smell, a clean fresh smell juxtaposed against the dark smell of wet decaying leaves. i sit outside my doorway under the floodlights. Serge Gainsbourg on inside. marble pocky to snack on. normaly this would be an occasion for tea but well, i just got that new coffee press and lets face it: coffee matches with marble pocky in ways that hot tea never could. the only difference between what i'm doing and how i'd otherwise be spending the evening is that i'm reading chapter 18 on Neolithic societies instead of Moby Dick. Yay homework!

I've developed tastes that are beyond my means

it started 3 years ago. working customer service for Thomasville Furniture. though i can afford nothing more than cheap prefab particle board, i desire so much more. every time i go furniture shopping the fascist comes out. "those drawers don't even have dovetail joints!" or "say, those chairs aren't glued, grooved and screwed. what are you trying to sell me!"

since then i've developed appreciations for fine wine, fine cigars, quality liquors. i can no longer stand to eat fast food. this lifestyle is rather rough on my poor college student budget. where am i going with this, you ask? well, today, a trip to the nearest retailer of fine wines. as i walk in the clerk gives me the usual "buy your damn boone's and get out" glance. it's to be expected though, i don't exactly look the connoisseur part. nobody expects the shaggy, scrawny kid in the transformers t-shirt to tell them that the inferior Chianti they've suggested is far too tannic and unfit even for winos.

Somehow, when I wasn't looking, I became desirable

i've never really thought myself to be anything other than, well, average or even goofy looking i guess. but recently, having a discussion with some friends i found out that several of my female aquaintences think i'm cute/had crushes on me. i've even been referred to as a "babefest" at some point. friday night i went to a party with my neighbors. i didn't know anybody there and normaly i'm very shy and introverted. but get some drinks in me and i become quite a sociable fellow. (there are pictures to prove that i have a tendancy to become quite the naked fellow too, but that's another node...) unfortunately i got too many drinks in me and spent the rest of the evening in a stupor on the couch before i could chat it up with the cute short haired girl in glasses, but none the less, the next morning i found two phone numbers in my pocket that i didn't remember collecting.

i'm starting to find out that it feels pretty damn good to have self confidence.

Hello fellow Noder

tomorrow discofever is coming into town to see Dismemberment Plan at Rubber Gloves and is spending the night on my couch. this will be the first time i've ever met another everythingian in person. I'm not sure what to expect.