The son of Glaucus, king of Corinth; Bellerophon was the hero who tamed Pegasus with the aid of Athena. Falling in love with the wife of King Proetus of Argos, Bellerophon aroused the jealousy of Proetus, who later sent him to his father-in-law Iobates with a message requesting that the bearer be slain. The king as afraid to anger the god Zeus by carrying out a request that would break the traditional bond between host and guest. Instead of killing Bellerophon, he asked him to kill the Chimaera, a fire-breathing monster, which the hero did with the help of Pegasus. He also defeated the Solymi and the Amazons, two warrior tribes. Iobates was impressed by Bellerophon's superhuman courage and married him to his daughter. After a time of prosperity, Bellerophon defied the gods by trying to ride Pegasus up to Olympus, but, thrown to the earth by Pegasus, he wandered in misery until he died.