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mission drive within everything
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Many, except hairdressing and so
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If you think you know everything, try harder
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73 years old. Mostly engineer.
Lucky for having worked in many very different jobs, where you had to learn the subject or get fired, ranging from NASA to deep dirty and hazardous mines.
So I tend to like controversies about practically everything.
But what I really prefer is reasonable exchanges of opinions about the implications of Science in Philosophy.
Musings about the Future of our Species and so on.
Considering than this Planet is now a hard place for most People, my writeups are usually ironical, or so I intend.
I make this clear so as nobody feels I am trying to hurt his/her feelings.
Another clarification:
I usualy write in English, but a part of what I write is originally in Spanish.
So sometimes you might notice some strangeness, simply because they are translations.
A translation is never good enough even if the translator is the author himself.