Snow White and The Seven Samurai

One of the most recent books by the British author Tom Holt, it was published in 1999.

A quote from a review: "Once upon a time (or last Thursday, as it's known in this matrix) the wicked queen had a fully functioning, if antiquated, Mirrors system and all was well in the kingdom. Then the humans hacked in and the system failed. Fairytales may never be the same again. "

This is where I try to describe the story without giving too much away... :)

The story is based in the Fairytale Kingdom and shows what happens when the system gets thrown out of alignment... This happens because of intervention from some visitors to the realm. The base of the Fairytale Kingdom is the system of "Mirrors(TM) 3.11", and when someone crashes the system all hell is let loose. The traditional fairytales are all mixed up, and narrative patterns don't occur where they should do. Try to imagine what might happen.

I really enjoyed it, but then I'm a fan of this kind of comic fantasy, many people aren't.