The AFV-103 Spartan is one of the CVRT (Combat Vehicle Reconnaisance Tracked) series of vehicles currently in service with the British Army, built by Alvis Vehicles Limited (UK). The other vehicles in this series are the FV (Fighting Vehicle) -101 Scorpion, the FV-102 Striker, the FV-104 Samaritan, FV-105 Sultan, the FV-106 Samson and the FV 107 Scimitar. These vehicles see operational service wherever the army goes, as they perform a mainly supportive role and are used by most arms of the service.

The Spartan is a small APC, used to carry specialised groups such as reconnaisance teams, air defence sections, mortar fire controllers and ambush parties. The Royal Engineers also employ Spartans as engineer command vehicles. With the proper preparation, the Saxon can also be made amphibious for short distances. There are currently around 450 of these APCs in service. Like the Saxon, the Spartan will probably be replaced in these roles by a new model, the multi-role armoured vehicle (MRAV), by 2005.

The armed forces of Belgium, Oman and the Phillipines also use the Spartan, with 266, 6 and 7 in service respectively.


Length: 5.12 m
Width: 2.26 m
Height: 2.26 m
Weight: 8, 172 kg
Ground clearance: 0.35 m
Max road speed: 80kph
Road range: 483 km
Engine: Jaguar J60 No. 1 Mark 100B
Fuel capacity: 386 litres
Horsepower: 190 bhp
Crew: 3, plus up to 4 passengers maximum
Main armament: 7.62 mm GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun)
Other armaments: Smoke Dischargers (Royal Ordnance VIRSS *)
NBC Proof: Yes
Night Vision: Yes

* VIRSS = "Visual and Infra Red Screening Smoke"

"The British Army: a Pocket Guide"