.....................it was that boy, he took the pies.

(That's a pie, where's that pie? Everyday...)

If you aren't impressed, learn how to squint....

Towards a catalogue of the living events of my life as it stands presently

  1. Drink beer
  2. Smoke weed
  3. Slowly turn into dust
  4. Closing off everything that could possibly result in construction
"Your opinion don't interest me..."

So. Back at it. Today I felt like writing something for this here website but my lack of ideas is even more apparent than it normally is. I even thought about doing one of those writing about writer's block stories, but those are interminable and exhausting. But I guess right now I'm doing some meta-writing about writing about type shit and that's worse because I'm intellectualizing it.

On to more highly oxygenated areas then....?

I've been thinking lately about how it's almost passe among the intelligentsia (well just academics in general) to disassociate oneself from........


"I ain't never been locked away..."
Things are more solid now between myself and my special lady friend.

Back in the swing of things, not really but moreso.

"Let the bears do the work"

Isn't it remarkable that we haven't really enslaved bears and lions on a much larger scale? Picture a bear being a foreman at a mine...you'd certainly get your work done on time! And all you'd have to do is throw the bear a salmon on occasion and you'd never get those pangs of conscience you get in human mine foremen when they have to 'tear into' a reluctant miner...

A field of bears tearing trees out at the root and selling them for record profit.

That is a true vision of our FUTURE.

I've decided that I'm not ever going to prison.

But I probably wouldn't kill myself if it came down to it. I don't have that kind of commitment in me...and I probably never will.

C'est la vie!

Musical Expression

Right now I'm interested in three kinds of music. First, this Wiley/Dizzee Rascal shit from London. Second, Gabber. Third, this 'chiptune' crap (I hate the name but I don't know what else to call it), which sounds like video game music for the most part. I don't even know how music functions in my life anymore. It's not really soothing or pleasant... or thought-provoking... It might be something on the order of "a deadening blare" (at least in the case of the Gabber). For all my advocacy of 'criticality' about one's life and choices I sure don't think about my own situation very much!

"...real life mothers lose real life sons..."

Really, I'm coming over to functionalism regarding art. Who needs it? Let's get rid of everything that makes us human and figure out something more interesting.

Roommate Lecture Series

So in between our ennui and boredom, we came up with this plan. Weekly or by-weekly lectures on topics of interest. The list is on the fridge. We've selected topics: the Bermuda Triangle, LSD, and (my topic) Friedensreich Hundertwasser. That was...two weeks ago?... and the result is not very much at all. I've done a fair bit of research but no one else seems to have... I hope that the dreaded onslaught of a Montreal winter will really put some energy into the programme; it's easy to be distracted by the sunshine, less easy to be distracted by the long dark of the winter.

And Everything?

Well lately I'm not sure what I think about this website at all. My contact with it is minimal and it's become more a repository for my idle ramblings than much else. I do find it a useful resource, but I'm not sure how much intellectual/academic work I want to put on here... after reading my earliest 'philosophical' entires I'm nigh on embarassed (if that were really possible here)...and I doubt I've been very helpful or elucidatory for many people on here at all...And if I'm not doing that, and I'm not getting anything out of it, it's hard to see any real benefit to it, other than enlarging the database needlessly. What a change in attitude!

But really I'm in a particular 'mood' right now and who knows what the future holds and where we're going and what I'll BE in a year...and then we'll see won't we!

On Social Relations with....

"I came to the game with no girlfriend I'll be leaving the game with no girlfriend"

Categories like haze in my eye space

Yer a fucking liar. I'm a fucking type.

I've often heard of people dicuss their "type" of boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a topic of conversation I could never quite associate with because, quite frankly, I eschewed the "type", I thought I was above the "type". Recently, I've come to realize, I have a "type".

He is an intellectual and from time to time he makes me feel academically inadequate. He is passionate about his studies and inspires me to pursue his chosen course of academia. Often, he is (to varying degrees) social awkward but he is always thoughtful and considerate towards me.

I'm not sure where all of this came from. Chalk it up to late night drunken ramblings.

I know you hate me...but...

Everything happens for a reason

I know you hate me...but...

Everything happens on principle
"Friedensreich Hundertwasser was also famous for giving lectures in the nude."
Current reading list, philosophy-wise:

things: sarin tabun vx mkultra sai baba fakir sufi yogi gulag archipelago

johnny cash.
the man in black.

check out www.8bitpeoples.com they have the right attitude.

And we remain wretched sinners, to the last of us.