I had to write a kid's story for earth science in my sophomore year of high school. The rubric stated we had to use a certain amount of vocabulary words and define them throughout the "book". The teacher told us not to use Finding Nemo because he was sick of it.

There I was, swimming with the fish that formerly lived in a coral reef, or underwater formation of dead organisms and coral animals, because the climate changing destroyed their reef. I was not one of them, but I happened to be swimming by, because I am a nekton and we can do that, when they came my way. I generally lurk around in the photic zone, because I need the sunshine and the food it provides. That’s not a nekton thing, that’s more of an emotional problem. I do not know how those organisms do it in the aphotic zone, since there is no sunlight there. But that is one of the great mysteries of my life, like how can plankton just float and not swim if they live in the ocean? Obviously, my life is very dull. Every day is the same, except for when they use SONAR to measure depth, I steer away from those because those rays will kill you, or so the rumor goes. I don’t like bathometry trying to chart the ocean floor. It makes me feel bad for the benthos, who can only sit there and watch, since they are stuck on the bottom of the floor if not in it.

While I was swimming, a turtle joined our group named Crush, like in Finding Nemo. He had been floating down in turbidity currents that gained sediments and back up during upwelling when cold water replace warm water. I had to ask him if I could rest on his shell, because my other turtle blew up, but I did not know how. I ended up going around the subject until he asked me what I wanted to ask, so I asked. He said yes, and then told me to punch him, with my flipper. So I did, in front of all the microscopic phytoplankton that undergo photosynthesis. We then fought and laughed about it later. This was all near a large guyot that is not man enough to break the surface. Being man enough is very important kids.

We then started fighting each other, more and more. Then other turtles and animals started showing up, so we decided to move it underground, but not far enough to reach the flat deep-ocean abyssal plain, because Crush and I decided all the animal like zooplankton would notice fish fighting each other. We went to the nearest sea mount since we were looking for a volcanic peak that was isolated, and opened up shop there. Crush and] I made rules for the club, and Crush even gave out homework. One of them was find out how bioluminescent lights work but no one knows how that happens.

Crush had complete control over this operation. He ran a tight ship, and ended up getting the group to do things. One was take down a small underwater craft that researches, or a submersible as he and people with 9th grade educations called them. I was Crush’s complete lack of being nervous. It was too much, I could not do anything but Crush ran the whole show. I took it out on one of his pawns in the fighting ring, which is always the best thing to do kids. But it was too much for me, I wanted out. I finally figured it out; he was doing something big.

I had to find out. Apparently there had been these fighting rings set up all across the ocean. Every time I passed the mid-ocean ridge, AKA the underwater mountains in the middle of the sea, I felt like I had been there before. Every hydrothermal vent that I saw heated water coming out was familiar. I was in a state of perpetual déjà vu. I was Crush’s apprehension about what was going to happen. Then it someone asked me, “Crush, what are you doing?” I asked, “What’s my name?” I then look to see Crush who tells me the whole story, about the rings everywhere, about the homework, about where he’s been, and about how it’s all part of his plan to take down scientists who research the ocean, or these so called “oceanologists”. Although I tried to stop him, it was too late, and the oceanologists’ equipment and data was done for. Then, I accepted it and got rid of Crush by self-inflicting pain, because that’s how you stop being crazy children.