The Kawasaki KLR 650 in perhaps the ultimate street-biased dual-sport or dual-purpose motorcycle. It's durable, low-maintnence 651cc, 4 valve overhead cam engine delivers a reasonable amount of power for interstate highway travel. Owing to its wide, cushy seat, six US gallon fuel tank and ergonomic riding position, one-day rides of over 750 miles are possible with a reasonable degree of comfort and it will haul a considerable amount of luggage in the process. Off-road the KLR 650 is something of a handful and is not to be confused with a enduro bike, but so long as you can keep the bike moving and the tires hooked up with the ground, it will roll over a wide variety of terrain at considerable speed. It is at its very best on unpaved and gravel roads at speeds in excess of 35-45 miles per hour. The KLR 650 has been in continuous production since 1987, with reativly few modifications. The 1995 "{Malibu Ken}" splatter grapics paint sceme is widely recognised as being one of the ugliest factory motorcycle paint jobs in history. The other year models are rather attractive, though.