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A little about me

I am Daniel

In my life: I like to teach myself everything. I see the world in a different way to what you'd expect. Hence, you may be confused when I try to explain something to you.


DeviantART Page:


School friends on E2.

Digital Goblin | Umeshu | Kemp | 256


Things to do before I die...

  • Meet Moby
  • Write a music album, and release it.
  • Reach Grade 8 on the Piano
  • Learn to play the electric guitar to a standard equal to John Petrucci
  • Meet the Dream Theater band members: James Labrie, John Myung, John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, Jordan Rudess.
  • Go to a Moby concert
  • Go to the Glastonbury festivals
  • Get good grades in my A-levals
  • Keep the smile on everyone's faces
  • Find my one true love
  • Donate some money to everything 2
  • Watch the sunrise coming over the cathedral
  • Fly a plane
  • Pass my driving test
  • -------------------------------------------------