A 6-voice polyphonic digital/analog synthesizer with a 5-octave keyboard.

The Juno-6 has only one DCO per voice. A sure sign for thin sound, although many people disagree when it comes to this particular synth. The waveform is switchable between pulse (with pulse width modulation from ADSR or LFO), sawtooth and sub-oscillator (square). A white noise generator is also included.

There is a single VCF for each voice, plus a separate highpass filter. The LFO has two modes, auto and manual. In the latter mode a button is used to trigger the modulation. An arpeggiator is available, with controls for mode, range and rate. There is only one ADSR envelope generator.

Released by Roland in 1982, the synth was pretty much rendered obsolete a year after by Juno-60, which is basically a programmable Juno-6 with a patch memory and a tape interface. Many people who paid a good amount of money for the earlier model were naturally furious.

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