From August 1


When did you join the E2 Crowd? authored by --OutpostMir--. This noder has been /msg'd that his node is being nuked because he can find out the information on anyone in the system by visiting their home node.

Moved from August 20

I've nuked tens and tens and tens of nodes today, but they were all requested by their authors.

Mormon Teen Loses Inhibitions After Third Benadryl a nodeshell by sfc

Uberfetus posted the notice in E2 nuke request that the noder named Audacity quit. I check, and yes, he wiped his (probably xy by the tenor of the titles) nodes, packed up his marbles and split. He had 57 empty writeups which I nuked. It only affected two noders, one of whose responses I nuked (no -XP) because the loss of context annihilated the second writeup (that noder /msg'd of same); and another noder who has been /msg'd that their response is now shaky contextually. Now the user's node Audacity needs to be nuked as well, please.

you're welcome dannye. I did spent probably 7+ hrs cleaning up titles and nuking today.