Ya know, I find myself starting to daylog with alarming frequency…

I have to preface this by saying that my kid (she turns eight next week) knows that I like to write stuff here on E2 and probably thinks that its what I do for a living. She often asks questions about what this place is all about and I often find myself hard pressed to give an accurate description of what goes on here. I try and tell her that E2 encompasses people from all walks of life with different back rounds and experiences and that the subject matter covered here runs the gamut of just about, well, everything. I think it has sparked her interest. Anyway, on with the story that is the impetus for this daylog…

When I pick her up from school, a typical conversation might go something like this:

Me: “So how was your day?”

Her: “Fine”

Me: “ So what did you do?”

Depending on her day, I’m either regaled with stories of schoolyard games and pranks or more often than not, the dreaded “Nothin.”

If the dreaded “Nothin” is forthcoming, I’ll usually try and either ask some open ended questions or switch the subject to something like “What did you learn today?”

Again, depending on her day, she’ll either describe (in great detail) all of the subjects covered at school that day or I might (once again) be the recipient of the dreaded “Nothin”

A few minutes of silence usually ensues

Her: “How was work today?”

Me: “Fine” (okay, that’s usually a lie but why trouble her with my woes)

Her: “What did you write about?”

I feel the need to interject. For those of you familiar with my efforts you can see they cover a wide range of topics. I claim to have no specialty and if I find a hole and the hole interests me, I’m inclined to try and fill it. (hmm, does that make me guilty of nodevertising?). That being said…

If I thought I contributed something worthwhile, I’ll usually describe my w/u in terms she can understand or tell her about something interesting that one of you fellow noders have contributed that might have affected me in some way. Moving on…

This weekend, she spent an awful lot of time in her room. I asked her what she was doing up there and got the dreaded “Nothin.” I decided to leave it at that.

Yesterday, after we got home from school and finished dinner and were about to settle in for the evening she asked me:

“Daddy, if I write something, will you put it out on E2 so other people can read it?”

I thought about it for a moment and figured, sure, why not? Chances are she’s not going to write anything and would just be happy that I made the promise.

Whoosh! She ran upstairs and came down about two minutes later with a sheath of papers.

In order to fulfill a promise made to my daughter, I now present to you the selected “poetry” of my eight year old kid. All spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors left intact. (sorry I can't replicate the penmanship)


Jumping off the starway,
Laghing with joy,
In the air I go,
My feet leave the ground
For one moment,
I am flying
I touch the ground
And fly agen.


As the sun sets at the end of time,
I’m understanding life,
But as I know,
The sun will rise and set agen

Blue Jay

Blue Jay screaming for help,
Blue Jay dessed in blue,
Blue Jay in the evergreen tree,
Blue Jay fly’s away on his wings.

Top of the Mounten

on top of the mounten covered in snow,
skyscrapers look like ants,
locking from here the sky is of baby blue


the moon is upon the sky,
the sky is of pink and blue,
the geese fly,
the purple makes it night
the orange makes it day

In closing I’d like to add that I know that to some of you folks, this kinda stuff might seem trite. For that, I apologize. To me though, it brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart knowing that she isn’t upstairs wondering why she can’t play the latest rage in video games. (We don’t own any) She’s trying to be creative and the only way I can reward that is to both encourage it and to fulfill my promise to her. Sometimes “Nothin” can really be something.

Good thoughts go out to all family and friends, past, present and future.