Childhood living
is easy to do
The things you wanted
I bought them for you

Sometimes it seems to me that I’ve been noding about this person, this thing forever. When she/it was young they were so easy to please and I was so eager to do so. It seemed like everything that she/it did was greeted with an air of anticpation. I don't care if it was a dirty diaper from her or some long forgotten classic, they were both greeted like the jewels that they are.

And so I tried to contribute to both entities. For her it was just a matter of being there at all the right moments. Simple things, when added up and taken into context seldom remain simple for very long. For here, my earlier efforts mostly consisted of dry factuals. There was so little of me in them that they could've been written by just about anybody.

At the time, I thought that's what the both of them wanted and needed. After all, what child, and in a way, E2, doesn't need a caring and concerned parent to try and look after them and provide them with love they need to survive in this world?

But as we all know, love comes in many forms and wears many faces.

Graceless lady
you know who I am
You know I can't let you
slide through my hands

But now, the both of them are getting older. One, the little girl, is getting less confined and more and more self reliant and independent. She doesn't need dad to do many of things she was used to having him do. The other, this place, seems to meander about aimlessly between the debate of factual versus other forms of prose. Dry versus funny, fact versus fiction. Does it belong in a daylog? I won't even go into the whole poetry debate.

Neither of them should be considered lost though.

But just as with my kid, I keep coming back. I don't know, one obligation is born of the blood and the other just seems have grown inside it. While the warm embraces that once came so frequently have faded in number over the years, the ones that do come make up for their lack of volume by their sheer intensity.

Wild horses,
couldn't drag me away
Wild wild horses
couldn't drag me away

And so as I get ready to jointly celebrate my kids passage into her teens and what has become my six year visit here at E2, I kinda reflect back and know that I wouldn't be the same without either of them. One, the child, has made me an adult, the other, this website, has made me a child.

And that folks, is a pretty nice combination.

(All excerpts from the Rolling Stones fine tune called Wild Horses recorded way back in 1971 and released on the album Sticky Fingers)