Lebia is a member of the AMP and fights demons called Lucifer Hawks in the Silent Mobius manga and anime series. She has no magical "powers" as such but provides more of a support role, like Yuki Saiko, co-ordinating the movements of the other AMP officers. Lebia is a little up-tight sometimes but that is due to the rank she holds over the others - she is Mana Isozaki's lieutenant.

She is a visionaire, someone who is able to enter the computer world and combat anything that tries to harm the Tokyo network. In one episode she defeats a computer program that is trying to absorb the entire Tokyo computer network by trapping it in Tokyo Tower, and then offering to store it in her digital memory banks (so long as it returns the part of the network it had already stolen). She also has an advanced hovercar or spinner which is constantly borrowed by other members of AMP and then completely totalled, much to her chagrin.

Lebia has four computer counterparts, Huey, Duey, Louey and Donald. The last, Donald, is a geo-stationary satellite positioned above Tokyo. This gives her a mental storage capacity 3000 times greater than a normal visionaire, far beyond any normal human. In the computer world, she has no equal.