A one-act comedy from a series of comedies titled "All In The Timing", by David Ives. It is a farce due to its improbable plot, comical situations, and exaggerated character acting. This play opened in 1994, and pushed David Ives into instant fame. "Words, Words, Words" depicts three monkeys in an experiment where they are attempting to write Hamlet without having ever read the play. The monkeys, Kafka, Milton, and Swift, have different feelings towards their imprisonment and the purpose of the experiment. Swift hates Dr. Rosenbaum, the guy running the experiment, and plans to take his revenge by setting an elaborate trap for the doctor. Milton is fairly indifferent; he accepts the fact that he is encaged, saying that "The sooner we write Hamlet, the sooner we get out of here." He doesn't mind performing tricks for cigarettes, either. All three of the monkeys are confused about their purpose, raising questions such as "How will we know if it's Hamlet if we write it?" They constantly quote Hamlet and allude to themes within it. Kafka, at one point, reads what she has typed, " 'K k k k k, k k k! K k k! K ... k... k.' I don't know! I feel like I'm repeating myself!" Swift questions Dr. Rosenbaum's purpose by asking "What's Hamlet to him, or he to Hamlet..."
The entire play is hilarious, even for those of you who don't remember Hamlet very well.

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Note: This is all from memory, so the quotations are probably wrong, and I might've switched the monkeys' names around.