bob the cow's translation:

Long day
That ends in a dark room
I hear sirens from far away
Which, like a wave, pull me, push me
Chez Morphée 1

This quiet trap
Where the delirious arpeggio scales
Carry me so far from the cities

And I flee
I flee the flight of the privleged
Beautiful spell

We sell off the old country at the gorilla market
Hidden in the arms of Morphée, I reign 2
Nemo in exile

In my fragile dreams

Translator's notes:
1 Chez is a preposition without an English equivalent. "Chez François" means "At François' place/house."
2 I'm not quite sure what "rène" means. "Reign" is all I could think of. I also don't know what/who "Nemo" is, I'm assuming it's a name.