She wrote a story that told about suicide and anger that she felt toward everyone, mostly toward herself. It wasn’t a fiction story. I know that there is somthing that I can do, some way to talk her out of it. She told me not to worry about her and that she’d never do it because she usually just puts it off “ until tomorrow.” She said she cut her wrist because she hates herself. Her left wrist will forever be scarred from the first cut right below her watch. I hate to tell her things that everyone would say if they knew, “You’re worth more,” “You’re not ugly, you’re beautiful.” Talking about what the bible says will only be wasting my breath because she’s not religious, and I don’t feel that it is my place to bring religion into her life. She’s also upset with her parents, who are divorced. Her father is married to another woman. She’s always being sent on guilt trips whenever she visits her mother. “Come and live with me,” “You know, a girl should be with her mother,” she’d say. I don’t know about everything that she’s going through, but I know what being pulled by two parents like a tug-of-war rope feels like. I guess that it also doesn’t help that the girl she likes only wants to be friends with benefits. I told her that the “High School Life” is not the last, there’s college and the work force too. I just feel that since she’s my friend I have to do something, but what?