Main antagonist and POV of parts 1-8 of the Mission Earth dekalogy by L.Ron Hubbard.

Chief of section 451 of the Coordinated Information Apparatus, in charge of monitoring the supplies of heroin from Blito-P3(Earth), which Lombar Hisst is using to secretly subvert the Grand Council of the Voltarian Empire.

When Jettero Heller places a report that Earth is destroying itself before it can be conquered, he is sent to Earth as the case officer to help Heller. His actual mission is to make Heller fail, and keep the Rockecenter Corporation ruling the world, thereby the insuring that the flow of drugs to the planet Voltar keeps on.

Someone who views evil as a natural occurence, he deserves every bit of misfortune that falls on his paranoid, sick head. But even so, the reader can't help but to feel sorry for the poor bastard, somehow. You haven't seen true Extreme Bad Luck(tm)until you've seen it happen to this guy...