The 5S system was developed by Toyota. 5S was initially created too eliminate waste of time and materials in both manufacturing and production for the automotive industry.

5S goes as follows:

Seiri - keep only what is absolutely necessary, get rid of things that you don't need, i.e. simplify

Seiton - create a location for everything, i.e. organize

Seiso - clean everything and keep it clean, i.e. cleanliness

Seiketsu - implement Seiri, Seiton and Seiso plant wide, i.e. standardize

Shitsuke - assure that everyone continues to follow the rules of 5S, i.e. stick to it

In the manufacturing plant my father runs, 5S is almost a religion. Squares are taped off and labeled on the floor of the building to indicate where everything goes, including the trash cans. This emphasis on organization and cleanliness spawns lower error per part made, which obviously reduces overall cost, as well as a significant rise in the level of effective time management, to the same end.