No Logo is a revolutionary book by Naomi Klein. In this path breaking book, the young Canadian author discusses how brands and logos dominate our over-corporatised lives. She brings out vividly brands have tried to take over every aspect of our lives, our neighbourhoods, our billboards and even our loos.

The most interesting chapters in the book deal with how many important brands have suddenly taken up a 'cause' not because it really cares, but because it is important to project a socially conscious angle. (Benetton would be a good example).

She also deals extensively with cases of corporate censorship.

She travels to various Export Processing Zones (EPZs) around the world to document the plight of workers to produce some of the most well known brands in the world today- Nike, Gap etc.

Finally, she speaks about culture jamming, the growing wave of anti-corporate activism in the USA and the sweatshop movement. This book is a must read for those who would like to explore the ill effects of globalization even in First World nations.

Naomi Klein's latest book is called Fences and Windows