A primitive type of sled, appearing circa the flexible flyer. It consists of a shield of metal or plastic, with two handholds attached at the sides. You use a saucer sled by sitting cross-legged in one, holding firmly on the handholds, and getting a shove down the hill from one of your friends or nemeses. Some people prefer instead to lie on their stomachs on the sled, with their feet hanging out in back for control. The technical term for such a person is "wuss".

If you want, you can try to control your sled by leaning in the direction you want to turn. Please be advised, however, that any resemblance of control is strictly illusionary. If things go right, then as you slide down the hill, your saucer sled will start to turn, and you will gradually be sliding at an angle, then sideways, then backwards, then god knows what.

Due to the high speeds attained by a saucer sled without control, a few safety precautions should be followed:

  1. Make sure, before you push off, that there is absolutely no chance of you running into a rock or fence post or tree or car. Ideally, a 10 degree arc downhill of you should be completely clear.
  2. Make sure that the only slow, young, and inexperienced sledders in front of you are ones that you wouldn't mind seeing killed.
  3. Make sure that you have a firm grip on your handholds, and that they are not in danger of becoming detached from the sled, a common failure mode.
  4. Make sure that you are not pregnant, and that you have no history of heart problems.
If you want a safer, more comfortable experience than a saucer sled, I recommend using an inner tube.